In The Beginning …

On  3 January 1954 His Grace Archbishop Redmond Prendiville inducted Reverend Father Thomas Ahern, as Parish Priest of Manning and Chaplain of Aquinas College.

Within six months of Father Ahern’s induction as Parish Priest, the church-school was built. The building was officially opened on Sunday 27 June 1954.

From 1954 to 1956 the building was a church on Sunday and used by the Education Department as an extension to its Manning Park school during the week.

Manning Parish was established in 1963, but until then St Pius X was considered part of the South Perth Parish.

1964 – The Parish Church is Built

With the school well established, the parish looked to building its own church.
Ten years after the opening of the church-school, the new church was opened and blessed by Bishop Myles McKeon on 30 July 1964.

The First Parish Council

The first Parish Council was founded in 1969. The new councillors were installed by Bishop Peter Quinn during an evening Mass on 10 December 1969.